May 29, 2015

'Trainy' Talks!

When you travel using the Mumbai Local train, you live with the bottom condition of any society. You can meet people suited also now a days, with corporate smiles. You can spot hundreds of people working as blue collared employees, sweating hard and still smiling. Railway stations of local trains in Mumbai are mini India to live.

As I have been using trains quite often to reach office or return, I have been continuously observing random things which provokes introspection most of the times or create stories many times. I think, title Trainy Talks would definitely give the reflection of mind travelling between Parel to Matunga, which means I travel exactly for ten minutes in trains. Well, that is lucky me!

  • Female compartments are the most colorful ones with all types of bags and tiffin bags hanging around. Believe me I know more numbers of brands making bags - second class or first class than ever.Also I got to know how females protect their purses, at the same time let purses protect them from the push-flow. (The newly invented word, which means the activity done by people catching train and pushing every other possible thing - alive or dead- in front of their already moving bodies!)
  • Stories. How a new bride is disappointed with her sister in law for not gifting her anything. How a mother is worried about the education of the child. How to apply eye liner properly.How to break up with the boy friend. Stories, I love. Even when they are ultra stupid.
  • When I start from office in the evening, how people co-operate now a days, is amazing. As the staircase is too small to cater to the population working in nearby financial high rise buildings, rush is inevitable. I am amazed how people maintain lines most of the time! Moving lines!
  • I am happy to see police patrolling every where on all stations now a days. They really do. I have spotted many passengers being interrogated.
  • The best part of the train is, girls applying make up in the moving train when the station to alight comes closer. I am sure I would never posses this kind of a skill. Kohl to compact powder, back combing to curls! I always get impressed!
  • Books. People read books, many use mobiles and tablets to read while doing longer commutes. I feel jealous as ten minutes travelling does not allow me to  read. I have tried reading whenever I take cab rides to the office, but I get  involved to the extend that I miss my office building every time. Cab drivers fail to understand my addiction. 
  • Shops nearby stations are my favorite spots. You get EVERYTHING under the sun. People try to beat the heat with cold drinks and tasty 'mineral' Nimbu Pani.Females bug vendors while bargaining. Fruits, colorful juicy ones popping out of baskets - are my weakness. Animals or things, everything near railway stations are bright and nice.
While I see people sweating really hard and still smiling from ear to ear acknowledging my move to give them some comfort - I feel trains are very very human!

May 26, 2015

Z is for Zester

Zester is the tool used in the kitchen to peel of the 'zest' of the citrus fruits. Zest is the essence of life, enthusiasm. Spice. Spark.

In our lives, we have many such Zesters, using which we add on some zest to brighten up the life. Zesters are the mood changing things or activities or people. Undoubtedly for Mr.ISB it is 10 hours long sleep, I would list out every Zester I can think of.

  • My blog, It keeps me alive. The bundles of words from my mind being carved on this blog. Nothing can be better than this.
  • My Frock buddy N: We take each other for granted. Most beautiful relationships are without baggage. No blog post can do justice to our relationship.
  • My penpal mail-pal Aunty from USA. Writing to her brings out my real self from the face this world want to see. I am totally transparent when I write to her. Every Single time. In happiness or while I am dull.
  • Dance. It is the state of trance for me. Enough said.
  • Really fast walking with my favorite songs in my ears. Specially in Mumbai where I sweat out bucket loads of toxins from my body. It is rejuvenating for me. Adds up to the zest.
  • Adarakh wali chai and some tea partners to chit chat. Zest would spoil the tea , but tea itself is works as a zester.
  • Reading. I have not done much in last two three weeks due to the super hectic schedule. Though it should be definitely added in the list of zesters. Reading brings out a new world to me.
  • This one is a surprise. Being in the new office with two smartest employers I have ever got. It is like adding up the zest every day in my life. One out of two is smart but I never accept and hence fight. Another makes sure we keep on fighting. That is how we brain storm. Cute ? :D
  • The biggest Zester of my life, which I saved till last, is Mr.ISB. Some times , some one just accepts you as you are, Some times , some one just preserves you while letting you grow. Some times , some one just makes your eyes sparkle by  appearing from no where. That is the main Zester in your life. My best friend and the soulmate. Mr.ISB.
Do you have Zesters?

May 25, 2015

Y for Yum

The latest 'Yum' dishes I am craving for and not having for one or the other reasons.

1. Tim Hortin's french vanilla - No one is coming from Canada to get me two more jars!
2. Sondesh - No buddy is going to Kolkata to get me some K C Das ones!
3. Spanish hot chocolate - Something I would never be able to get in India!
4. Ritters dark chocolate - I think I love European chocolates and not American ones!
5. Di Bello coffee - The Mumbai chain I am yet to explore! I have heard a LOT about it.
6. Cafe Madras/ Tambi Filter coffee - The only wish I can fulfill being in Mumbai on weekdays.
7. Panipuri - Amdavadwali, Panipuri. Mom made. *Drooling*
8. A huge bowl full of fruits like Strawberries, Plums, Blackberries!
9. Self made oat bars - Not to boost my ego but I think what I make they are the best!
10. Chocolate pie from any European country!!!

They are yums, believe me! Y would be related to only Food it seems!


May 22, 2015

X for X'mas!

It means a Hollywood Movie. It means snow. It means over coats and gloves. It means X'mas tress decorated with glossy ribbons, gifts and some snow flakes.

X'mas means Hot Chocolate or Tim Hortin's French Vanilla. (French Vanilla is my first love, so much that my Masi from Canada had put two huge jars in the 'Shagun' during the wedding rituals.)

X'mas means walking on the road loaded with snows, braving  chilling winds and still the warmth in eyes of people around- enough to feel the happiness all around.

X'mas in US of America or Europe is my dream.



PS: Christmas days in India is almost void unless I grab a Christian friend for the Christmas cake specially home made. Christmas in Singapore are super bright but no Snow - No feel - No dream for yours truly. Sweating Christmas is not acceptable for me!

May 21, 2015

W is for the Window!

A window is an important part of my life, professional life. 

No not the Microsoft Windows!

I love if the view from the Window inspires me. I love it if it distracts me. Either of them would generate ideas in my small brain. I was blessed with such Windows in many of my offices. The current one is sixth window, I have been sucking inspiration or introspection from.

Last working space had an awesome glass wall which was more than a window. The partial view was fabulous , the other half was heart breaking. Folks on the road, tiny cars going by and our own people sipping my favorite Chai at the Tapari! Such a colorful window. The other half had a concrete jungle made of high rise buildings and cranes! I abhor such scenes a lot. 

My current cute office ( CCO is a good code for it, right) has two floors, more like a studio with a duplex loft. A huge table caters to the need of collaborative working downstairs which is adjacent to the window wall!  Now, you exactly know why I find this office cute. Bright sunshine like the name of the tower pours into the room in proportion during the day. The window opens up the world of trains. Railway tracks can be seen below and with each passing train we realize the marketing space they carry on compartment ( Typically a business person behavior!) As we are on the 9th floor, we can see the Mumbai high rise all around. The life which never stops breathing.

Whenever we need a new idea we all face the huge window and breathe to witness eureka moments - Okay, a bit of exaggeration but we five ( Founder team members) love the view to bits. 

Do you love  my kind of windows? Views?

May 20, 2015

V is for Vitamins

As a kid or a teenager I have studied several type of Vitamins. Biology was never my priority but to score more, I had to study the subject. It also meant I had developed deep interest in the subject which can last till the last exam. Only to realize what I had learnt in those days, stayed with me. It made my logic expand a bit more before buying any theories on 'Medicines and Miracles'!

Vitamins are essential when it comes to human body. The wellness and fitness part. Deficiency of any of those vitamins can develop severe complications and they are more important in our struggle to make our day healthiest. Stamina, memory, healthy skin, healthy eye sight and many more millions of points we can note down. We really do not need to be a doctor to understand the value of vitamins.

There are five types of Vitamins broadly, as per the field of Medicines and Biology. I believe there are other type of Vitamins also essential in our lives. At least mine. When I am stressed, I believe the lack of either of them are responsible. I take the 'pill' of the definite vitamin, and get back to life.

  • Vitamin L - Laughter: Laughter is the best medicine, a wise person had claimed. I say, Laughter is the most important factor in our lives. There should be meter which can show how many times we have laughed in the day, from the bottom of our hearts! More the score, more successful a day you had. Without laughter  life becomes dull. Really dull.
  • Vitamin V - Vacation: I love  vacations. I love to get revived, keeping digital assets for work aside. I love the feeling of not being in the command of time. I love the feeling of not being in command of house hold stuff once in a while. Vacations are like the tea with adarakh being sipped in the cold.I want the life luxurious enough, which can fulfill my dreams of enjoying two small or big vacations in a year- be it a bag pack trip or living in the Airbnb flats!
  • Vitamin M - Not  Money but Music: Aishwarya's dialouge in 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam' rightly stated, 'We (Gujaratis - Indains for that matter!) have  songs to sing for events, from birth to demise.' 
  • Vitamin A- Affection: There is no life without affection! Good people have affection towards friends and family. Ambitious people have affection towards work they do/want to do. Some people have affection towards money. Good or bad, such affections kick your soul to get you up and get going. 

I feel these four Vitamins keep me alive and kicking , albeit with smiles. If deficiency is created for any of them, I inject it by hook or by crook to get back to life!

Are you on such Vitamin essentials?

May 19, 2015

U for the UnderCover

Have you ever done anything Under cover? Being secretive in anything? That is U for me. Under cover. ( I do like films on Under cover agents - Read: Love)

  • Under cover reading. I love books from the day I have learnt how to read. So, on each of my birthday, which falls just at the end of finale exams there would be a visit to the book store, a huge one. We would purchase some 10-15 books which would be gift, picked by yours truly to read in the summer vacation starting from the same month. Once the vacation starts I would act like an addict and would read all books in a week's time. Be it openly or Under the dining table so that my granny or my mother would not find me. 
  • Under cover blogging. Not every one who knows me - some are very close from this segment - do not know that I blog. I have grown mature enough to write good things and not sad happenings over the period of time still, I do not want them to judge me. People who know I blog are very precious to me too. Trustworthy enough I would say, in addition.
  • Under cover eating. Fruits 100% of the time.Just like my dad. We both would be flicking fruits at the wee hour of the night and relish. I did that a lot and now I have not been doing it too often. In fact Nil since a month.
  • Under cover hatred. I have a couple of people who are (no more) in my life whom I hate from the bottom of my heart and my mind does the same. I have to do it while being under cover. Society and all that. I thank them as well , now when I understand they created one strong personality within me. 
  • Under cover dancing. Choreographing. Specially when no one is at home. I love it to this date.Not that people don't like me watching dancing or I am horrible at it. It just lets me feel free enough to express exactly the way I want to. Dancing with expressions - My skill.
Have you done anything under cover? Which you kept as a secret with you, and now is the time to open the box?