March 26, 2015

The Kida

In India we grow different 'Kidas' in ourselves. Foreigners might as well take it as the super irritating virtual creature aka some hobby/interest/wish aka 'Kida' crawling inside the body. Some people have Cricket ka 'Kida', some people have 'Travelling ka Kida'. Some people have 'Cooking ka Kida' and some people have 'Gane ka Kida'. Some people have 'Gadgets ka Kida' and some people have 'Start ups ka Kida'.

I have the 'working for a start up Kida'. I always wanted to create things from scratch, be it a product or a brand or even policies. I like to scratch my brain till something takes shape in it. Now this 'Kida' was biting me since two years ( may be since childhood but never consciously thought about it) but situations were not very warm for this particular Kida.

Since last 5 months,my job was becoming crappier day by day by growing only stress within me. Basically the job which was quite dynamic by definition - I got 4 bosses to work with in last 15 months- was not making me learn anything.The most pathetic part was I was no more in love with the company goals. With every boss a new work style, different kinds of work time imbalances and zillions of formats pitched in my life. Just when I was reaching my saturation point, I was approached by a family friend who registered a start up. I had met the guy before but that day I met him with his another partner, I had shared ideas related to the start up. These guys offered me to work with them as the founder team member, the very same day. I took close to two months to decide as it came with risk , relocation and what not. Thankfully , with the support from both sets of parents, siblings and of course the husband I decided to go ahead with it! Yes, the ccrapy nature of the corporate world had made me bold enough to promise myself that my next job wont be based on numbers of years of experience on my resume. That is what exactly happened.

There were people who felt happy for me, there were people who showed the astonishment and some labelled me a rebel and an immature girl. Some felt as I am married to a man who is earning a good amount of money, I am playing with the chance. Anyway, I am super happy with the guts I am showing. I am sure I need to put efforts more than ever, there would be days we might not get response from the market but I trust my team and myself. I am not going to make PLAN B.

The 'Kida' within me is not at peace even now. It is boosting my soul with Adrenaline all the time when I share ideas and go one step closer to the goal. These 'Kidas' have done great and worst things for people. Some could manage with the razor sharp brain and good luck, some got stuck for the life. Here I am, leaving the safe road to monthly salary and entering into the zone where only extreme positions can be achieved. 

I am happy that I am giving the atmosphere to the 'Kida' to grow. Do you have such Kidas?

March 25, 2015

The (Last) week which was perfect!

As usual presenting the post which was written some days back and the lazy me did not bother to post it!

It is the Sunday evening and the only word I have for this week is 'Perfect'!
  • I realized on Monday that  it is my second last week at my current company. Yes, I have one more pending blog post for throwing up my resignation letter & the life around people here in my office. To keep it simple for this post - I am partially relaxed, some what frustrated as they don't have my back fill yet and no hand over is done and fully charged to take up my next assignment! :) 
  • Our trips to tapari almost in our office campus have increased thanks to my resignation and other current 'affair' issues going on in lives of my besties! Tapariwale bhaiya has stopped charging my tea for some weird reasons, I suspect my friends have disclosed the resignation details out side the campus!
  • My sister and parents ( In laws) came home! Which meant chit chat and getting high on Chai! Mr.ISB was caged in the virtual cage of different games to ignore the high pitch chit chat we throw on him! Dad was busy in praising the garden and the infrastructure of the colony we are living in right now.
  • The great cooking activity kicked off as a team work by yours truly and the sister (in law) along with low pitched nervous statements thrown by visiting mom in the kitchen, as she was not allowed in kitchen. We successfully managed to make Birayni, Chocolate puree and the favorite roasted tomato puree. Well done girls! :D
  • It was a great change for me as uncertainty knocking my doors again and this time I am not alone. Only if this travelling thing gets out of my life! 
  • After the really hectic but wonderful weekend the last dinner of the week being cooked by Mr.ISB?!? Well it is happening today! Tada!
  • I am very enthusiastic about upcoming relocation. I would get a family to stay with but equally tensed about the upcoming long distance relationship. Not that I am super scared, just wish to avoid it for a long term. 
What's up with you, guys! If you still come and lurk over here!

March 5, 2015

I am the daughter of India.

I am the daughter of India. I am the girl who got stares from weird people while cycling my way to the school. Did I tell this to any one? No. I faced each of them and stared them back after facing some fears in my mind. It worked to some extent.

I am the daughter of India, who was taught how to be strong enough, how to not to risk my life by my parents. No, they did not stop me from wearing shorts or sleeveless. They did not stop me from taking admission  in a class of 89 boys out of 90 seats. They did not stop me from going to out of my city for competitions where I was the only girl in the team. They taught me how to be really careful and still stay strong. It worked for me.

I am the daughter of India, whose parents let her settle in some other town in another state for my job alone. I was not stopped from anything right from going out side to coming back home safely at midnight. They used to get worried but we kept in touch while travelling. They trusted my friends. My friends made sure I reach home every single time.

I am the daughter of India who works in a male dominating manufacturing industry where you get male stake holders for 95% of the times. I was never uncomfortable. There were instances, I raised my voice. A person got sacked by my company I used to work for as well. I was fortunate enough that companies I worked for/work for have policies which protect me every single time. Yeah, I work in India.

I am the daughter of India who understands that if some one rapes me it is not my fault. The first thing after self defense I would do is to go the police station, take an i-Pill.If I am not in the condition to open my eyes some one from my family would go and report. They would put my real name in the report and would be super proud that I fought  for myself. My husband, both sets of parents, sisters, brothers would be horribly upset but would never feel ashamed. All those males would fight for me as they always respect women. Yeah they are Indians.

I am the daughter of India who keeps a bottle of Pepper Spray in case it can help. Though when I roam around alone at night, I am not scared every time. I have faith in my people. From 10 some 5 people would be there who would respect me. I am being pessimistic in these number, please note.

I am the daughter of India who is cultured, independent, strong and matured while being fierce if thrown challenges. I am the daughter of India who thinks above states and religions.

I am the daughter of India who is thankful to all cab drivers who dropped me home safely while coming back from supplier's place when I was alone. I am thankful to all courier guys who delivered stuff to me when I was alone at home and never did any harm to me even mentally. I am thankful to all bus drivers who did not stare me or in fact helped me from perverts by giving me proper seats. I am thankful to my teachers who taught me gender equality and that does not mean I support female quotas. I am thankful to all those aunties/uncles who had beaten up a guy who tried to touch me and I slapped him hard who said sorry to me for thousand times.

I am thankful to my husband, my brother/cousins, both sets of parents and friends who never threw a statement like ,"Dekha, is lie boltethe ki time pe ghar aao/ shorts mat pehno".

I am thankful to each of those cultured, no-gender-nonsense, truly educated males of my nation who makes me  proud for being 'The Daughter Of India'. Yes, they are Indians living in India.

I am tired.

Tired of opinions. Tired of people who spread rumors like opinions without any detailed knowledge. People who are so pessimistic about the world that the only thing they do is criticize. Nation, Government, citizens and faiths. Ah, religions. I am almost ignoring Facebook, halving the time I used to check the feed. I am ignoring news channels completely. Newspaper also in the same league. I am tired of everything.

Rape a girl. Do marches. Change policies. Interview the rapist. Make a film. Then oppose his views. Discuss. Ban the documentary. Criticize the ban. Who did something for such issues? No no one did anything but when it came to opposing anything, hey we are first in it. Any ban on creativity is worth opposing. Freedom of speech and all. No, I am not justifying ban. I am also not justifying stupid religious comments people make every day on the national platform.I am trying to put a point across the table.

Did you do anything about social issues like rapes? Did you stand up and join an NGO working on this? Did you learn defense tricks? Did you verify details while commenting on any news? I am yet not sure why suddenly thousands of people have started tracking down news after the new Government was set. Suddenly every one is Arnab and Modi. People are Tharoor and Kejriwal. Why did Gandhi and Sardar do this and that. People have opinion over everything on Blogs, Facebook, Twitter every where. 

Moral responsibility? No. 

I am tired.

March 2, 2015

Finally here!

I am finally here, on this page, after many failed attempts to blog. As usual the situation demands for many blog posts which confuses me to the core. A pending week long trip - blog post is must, besides all rants I am going to plot here. 

So many changes are coming closer and I am going to seize them all. Things are moving in the direction we want, but hey it does not bring certainty in life. Right? So here I am trying to enjoy whatever is in my plate.

Food. Plate. Wow, I am in love with cooking. I taste each and every thing brought to me, to decipher ingredients and processes. I am not at all a pro, but a newbie who finds joy in experimenting. A Master chef India fan, yours truly wants to cook a lot which never happens. I cook dinner in jiffy with some calls to attend and a lot of fatigue I feel now a days. Hoping for some change very soon.

The week long Jaipur- Sariska trip was awesome and much needed. Shopping here and there, Jaipuri food every where, relaxing days - totally unplanned pleasure. Some keywords coming up in my next blog post!!

Met an old Singapore room mate after ages which is not exactly the feeling. It seems,  just yesterday I left Singapore with memories worth hundreds of GBs! Relieved many of them, with the intention of making another roomie jealous! Devil I am, isn't it?

One Mumbai trip and one Ahmedabad trip is in the plan along with many other plans we have drafted out. Life is going to be tough, but worth living for. Excitement in professional life, keeps the personal life at peace. Ah, of course hormonal balance helps as well :D Swinging moods are one of my traits!

Hope I am back to blogging as with so many ongoing changes in life, I have thousands of ideas to blog. Only if I can take time out to blog. I promise to rant less than this post, promise!

How was your February? :) 

February 16, 2015

In the peaceful chaos

Everything is fast and a mess. There is still the F word - Flow. Surroundings are changing with great speed, yours truly is in a kind of zone where time seems to be frozen yet the relativity plays the role. Life goes on.

If I look beyond my visits to several industrial areas with no charm around, a lot of motion sickness which fails to make me puke and yet haunts me- I am trying to find my pace. My control over super boring work has been a sine wave like it was in last four months, now I feel good about it. Seeing people in the same boat, discussing how to get out of it - keeps our spirit alive.

In this chaos I tried my hands on food dishes - Right from awesome Banana bread to Home made Granola, Paneer Lababdar to Gajar ka halwa, Ragi based hot chocolate to Super tangy tomato bhaat. I need a different post to express my emotions when I smell the aroma , feel the flavor of what is there on the stove. May be in the Oven! The Kitchen is where I zone out, just like those books in Kindle.

Kindle has been my best friend after Mr.ISB so far. Close to two months I have got this gift and I guess I am already done with books over a dozen. I am glued to my favorite topic - World war 2 stories, specially extermination camps, psychology of Nazis. A lot of retrospection, a lot many tears.

Then there is something called Shopping, which I really don't like much. Most of the days I struggle to get something which I really love. I sometimes have to drag myself to the store and hunt in a way which would make me stay away from shopping for months together. Yeah, I was never the girl who shops till she drops.

We are planning a trip to Jaipur and Sariska wild life century. This would be totally an unplanned trip as per my standards. I do not want to raise the bar of my expectations, hence going forward to this no-plans-trip. The only thing I am looking forward to is a change.

From the peaceful chaos. 

January 27, 2015

Prayers help - Keeping fingers crossed.

My heart was sinking faster than the blood pressure of my mom. The machine showed 180/101 and I knew it is time to go to the hospital. We called my Fufa who is also our family doctor with some 40 years of experience. He agreed to me and I took mom to the very nearby hospital. My mom was quite sure she is going to have a heart or brain stroke.

One more shock was waiting when the mercury machine of the hospital showed 190/110. Yeah the BP was increasing in super sonic speed even after giving her drops of the medicine underneath her tongue before 2 hours. With the height of mercury sweating on my face was increasing too. The doctor immediately asked to go for an ECG. My heart was at the bottom, if you know what I mean.

I walked up and straight for some 5 minutes and asked the doctor to tell me the result first before telling it to my  mom. She smiled and said it is normal. No spike and so ruling out the possibility of heart stroke.We were still thinking about the blood pressure when she asked mom to lie down. Mom had smiled for the first time in the day after knowing the result. She gave my mom a tablet of  paracetamol to cure the headache. After some 20 minutes they measured her pressure which had gone down to 160/90. By the time Mr.ISB had left from the office to come to hospital. My dad had landed in Pune as well.

We consulted the MD who patiently wrote down the long medical history of my mom. Remeasured BP which had lowered to the normal limit by the time. She said we need to do Eco Cardio to rule out any other tiny issue related to heart. The cardiologist took mom inside. By the time my two chai-buddies ( Colleagues - I need to write a post on them!!) and Mr.ISB reached. I was relaxed and yeah, dad was to reach super soon.

Dad reached and immediately started scanning her reports to send it to my uncle. Mom came out like a hulk (in comparison with what she was since morning) smiling. The doctor had already told her things are super perfect and she can fly back home with dad. He insisted to go for stress test in Ahmedabad, but the normal BP made things very relaxed.

I was relieved due to arrival of my dad who is a doctor without a degree due to his sharp observation power and his skills developed to behave in crisis which was the result of training by my Cardiologst Grand Dad. Mr.ISB ran here and then to help with payments and buying syringes/medicine for mom. One of my super best friend came home with my family as well.

I was tired. I was relaxed. Mom was high as if she was born again. Mr.ISB and dad were busy teasing me for the coolie type personality with Pajamas - sweater- no bath properties.

I thank every one who prayed for my mom and stood by me. Not being a formality queen. I am sure mom would fight any other complications which raised her BP.

Prayers help. I am pretty sure.