December 20, 2014

Kindled Up

It happened again. Just like my first iPhone which my dad gifted, was a result of my deep research as an upcoming smart phone buyer which lasted for more than six months. People ( Dad) lost patience and gifted me this phone. It happened one more time. The device and the person are different this time. 

Since weeks I wanted the kindle Paper white. Reasons were many. My burning eyes, my inability to read even three pages on iPad together unlike my track record of completing 300 pages book at one go and some budget constraints due to other big expenses. Then a cousin of mine planned for India trip and so I started drawing the plan of getting an e-reader from USA. I started getting confused regarding warranty and taxes amazon would ask me to pay. My already pissed of job life created blisters as well for the same subject at home. Frustration just grows exponentially when I can not read, for days together.

Then the mobile pinged when I was busy discussing about the same at office. Mr.ISB messaged not to worry further as he has ordered one Kindle, exactly the same I wanted. My eyes popped out and the mind danced in the virtual library. Today.... I got the joy in my hands! 

I spent some twenty minutes in registering Kindle with some cups of freshly brewed spicy tea. The steam coming out of the cup filled my soul with sweet-spicy aroma which let me travel the Tuscan country. Yes, I was reading "Under the Tuscan Sun" and enjoying my 'Life' in Olives and Wines. I am yet to finish the book but I suppose I am going to become the fan of Italian food - Olive oil, Sauteed bell peppers, caramelized onions, tasty baby tomatoes and Ricotta. 

There is a sense of brilliant satisfaction in spending the whole day reading the book which rested in your pending reading list since months.

As now my next-favorite-book is being planned, I am feeling loved - By books. 

Totally Kindled- up :)

December 18, 2014

Random twists - This and that.

If you think no twist can be random. Well, I may have a problem with your belief. It happened to me and it is happening even now.

In last some days or weeks, my life got some small and big twists or rather I could see them coming but they never came. Just like the rubber band which comes back to the original shape after giving a twist without attaching it to anything solid. The twist on the band never gets the solid support to add some value in the function of the band.

Indecisiveness in some of the major areas of my life is prevalent right now. Generally I do not dwell over issues much and delay taking quick actions but then, there is always something new in my personality I every time I introspect. May be some situations together as a team plays a lead role in giving birth to this new found trait.

The numbness or procrastination , I am not able to judge what has taken over my entire life. I am showing zero emotions for things I adore or I hate, even now. A dozen Panipuri on the table, an ever increasing pending book list or even tasks at office which would offer zero value to me or my organization, TED talks waiting in the buffer state or planning some dreamy trips next year.

Some opportunities touch you and fly away, I yawn. In my heart, I love to cling to it and never let it go but then situations hog my enthusiasm. The dullness in the professional life is eating away my excitement to live shine and bright. They basic major traits of my personality,that is what every one says.

Like Some Ms.Murphy said in this article, my practice of 'Deep' reading needs to be 're-kindled'. May be some more paperback books  need to be bought. There is one more day before the weekend comes so  I can get up and dive in the hot tea made by my always-thirsty-for-tea soul. May be there is some thousand liters of will power to get up and buy a pair of dumbbells which might make me look less like a body builder who has fat cells all over the forearms and not muscles. May be I am waiting for that one phone call which would make me forget all those dull professional moments into a tiny new dream of doing something really fruitful. May be I can delete the 'Whatsapp' and 'Facebook' without the fear of loosing close friends.

There are so many wishes hidden in all those 'May be' but there is also a big gap of something called 'Will' and 'Budget'. Well, 'May be, some day', I would get over these random twists and govern myself to some specific twist.

I am sure the post makes some sense, if does not you know my state of mind!

December 15, 2014

When going gets tough..

When your professional life goes haywire. When you get tired of your own tears for the non value added activities and a stagnant learning curve at the present office you work. When you can not focus on a book. When your iPad and laptops give your eyes some dark circles. When every day, post lunch your eyes pop out for nothing. When not a single thing works out.

You wait for your sister (In law) to come to Pune, who is equally pissed off with uncertainty in life.And...

Then you bake Cinnamon rolls with burnt ages as while chatting we forgot that we had kept something in the OTG.

Then you just laugh watching some silly stupid Bollywood spoofs in such a way that neighbors come to know about your hidden-homely (if it makes sense) personality trait of laughing with your lungs (again, if it makes sense), really!

Then we irritate Mr.ISB in such a fashion that he gets almost installed in some Football game on the iPad, ignoring us.

Then you almost start chatting with the lady at Amazon USA like a friend, who makes me work like a cyber spy to fill in some information regarding long-forgotten-registration details of kindle. You need the Kindle at any cost now! :)

Then you get tired right at 10 and you would hate to sleep as you want to have fun having a night out.


How was your weekend?

December 10, 2014

The Unopened book.

Actually there are many. The number increases as almost all around me knows how madly I fall in love with books. Recommendations by mail, messages, Whatsapp and my Feedly keeps on increasing. Unlike my old habit of ticking off all of them one by one, I am letting them grow in numbers. Believe me, I am sad.

It is disheartening to see myself sulking over this. Failed attempts to hold the iPad with burning eyes, drained brain and read one of the list breaks my heart into pieces every night. I tried changing time of reading from night to morning, but the morning rush is too whimsical in nature. It just does not let me read.

To decrease my expenses, I started making up my mind to read on our iPad, which worked some what. The possibility of buying more books and reading more gave me adrenaline rush some time back, only to realize now I have lost the energy or the flow to get glued to the book.

Getting swallowed down by the story, de-touring from the real world and touring with the world within those words. Ah, I miss everything about it.

It is a form of a meditation for me. The book gets my heart in it and just like when you focus on 'OM', I get my soul revived. No more may be. I have lost the touch or may be it is a reader's block?

May be.

November 29, 2014

Cookworm and the week that was!

I made up something. The word, 'Cookworm' And Peanut butter. And Dinner rolls.

It went straight down to our stomach.  :)

On a serious note, peanut butter consistency was not 'spread worthy' even after grinding in my processor, but the Jaggery  water and the roasted peanut flavor was super yummy.

Dinner rolls I made need a 'Thank You' note to my office. It made me so so so frustrated last night that I decided to meditate in the kitchen being a 'Cookworm'!

For the other part of the title,

Life has been difficult but every one goes through the professionally challenged phase. So I have decided not to blog about it and crib like I am doing since ages here.

I have been cutting away strands hanging with loose ends, I have deleted myself from unwanted groups on whatsapp. Only two groups - Singapore flatmates and close buddy group I am into. It is always nice to be in touch with some one, only if you feel.Too many people to be in touch, increases pressure on me. I need 'me time' badly, so friends who wants to keep in touch with me would always call me/message me/mail me. Rest, see you next time. *How rude I sound!*

I have been reading a lot. This weekend I am travelling through the Silk Route, virtually. I bought this, after reading this I am excited to gulp the book and enjoy the trip.

A cup of good hope, and a change in the blog layout,

Hope you are enjoying an awesome weekend! :-)

November 26, 2014

A cup of Good Hope!

Which is filled with my favorite Adarakh wali chai. Mostly like this or this.

The weather of Pune is the only positive aspect in the way I see the city. I love it. I love it even more when I get that my type of tea in the morning.

The cup lets me go in the flow. Exactly the way this book says. The self consciousness disappears, the time stops flying for me. The chilly taste thanks to ginger and the sweet brew makes me travel a bit in my own world. I do not have tea in the evening but hey, mornings I love you because I get a cup of Good Hope.

I am not into the milk less super aromatic gazillion types of tea available in the artsy world. I am in for traditional India Tapari wali tea. The only tea which gives me that required kick,ah the feel.

The cup of such tea gives me hopes to live the super frustrated life at office. When I am home and working, worried about my next career moves, a cup of good hope is highly recommended. It calms down my mind when required.

 Green tea, after reading some hundred articles about its benefit, fail to appeal. I do not think, it is healthier than cardamom , cinnamon , clove and ginger induced tea.

So for lovers of traditionally Indian, Super spiced tea lovers.

For the cup of GOOD HOPE,



November 22, 2014

In search of..

Something which can complete my inner sense. Something which gives me satisfaction. Something is incomplete. The sense of real joy is not there. I am missing the ingredient which can make me forget atmosphere around me, the time would fly but not for me.

The Sunday morning. A blur awakening. The will to make a cup of tea after two slices of bread straight into my stomach to avoid acidity. There are times I want to change some of my habits. Working out, drinking lemon water like dad always wants me to do. These things never happen regularly. Well, may be that secret ingredient is my own self. I am missing being in actual control.

I crave for the comfort food can give, some hours of  sleep can give. I dont want to move my lazy self any where, even when I know the most needed part is my life is healthy diet - no skipping meals and 30 minutes workout. Only 30 minutes.

I want to bake that long awaited bread, sweet bread.The cinnamon smell in my kitchen.

I refuse to do it. I am out of control.

No book is making me feel glued to it. I want to fall in love with a book. No song is making my soul happy. I want to be in love with rhythms. I really miss the high I used to get after jogging. I miss those  sprays of  endorphin.

I know I am in search of Some Thing.

Not sure what. Really.