January 21, 2015

Mom is here ------- (100)

So finally dad dispatched my mom to Pune by air, while Mr.ISB collected her in Zombie condition due to her medications from the airport.

She is here in Pune finally for the whole week. Thanks to my dad's trip and my brother's competition which sent them out of town. She has a hobby of managing everything alone but her health quite does not like it. It was a daunting task to convince her to come to our place in Pune but the super ideal son-in-law ( What the heck moment for me) could convince her in one single phone call versus my plenty of requests to come home.

With the risk of me sounding rude to friends, I have invited each of my friends to come down to my home to meet mom. Yeah, I cant manage my hyper active, shameless friends on my own. They are eager to meet mom as a few of them wants to say hi to her after meeting my full filmy family in the wedding and some of them wants to meet her as they had missed my wedding - which is not quite convincing. The major reason I predict is they want to complain  about my shameless dominating nature which is not true. Period. Okay, they want to check on Mr.ISB if he is alive. Image we carry, I swear.

With the nervous heart with the fear of  my boss ( who sometimes forget who is the boss) might forget that I have taken 'work from home' for 2 days and create some crisis which can not be resolved without me. Not boasting but he is new to the organisation and I take advantage of the fact! Hah.

I am looking forward in getting constant company of my mom in my walking, cooking and tea time sessions. I am looking forward to the Namkin news of my old society on which I can write a whole book. I am looking forward to Mr.ISB's caring nature which suddenly appears in multiplications of 6 (Random okay?) when my mom arrives.

Oh my god, My mom is here ----- (100)

January 13, 2015

Allergy to the unknown

I have caught one. Suddenly.

I had to go to an old area of Pune city. Call it the heart of the city. My old office and a hands on training session. Nothing can go wrong with the combination. Well, that is what my thought process was before a day.

The moment I reached the place on a bike with a friend of mine. I sneezed. I entered the class room, I sneezed. The introductory session ended and I sneezed. Within an hour of the actual session my nose was converted into 'Gangotri' for the liquid coming with the force of 'Bhagirathi'. Sorry for the sort of wrong analogy.

I would never ever like any one to go through this. It is brutal to not to have a handkerchief when your nose is leaking like a  malfunctioning valve. Yes, the valve. I am a mechanical engineer after all. I managed to get a bundle of tissue papers with super hard surface which had co-efficient of friction as much as rubber. That is 1. In simple language the surface of my nose resembled a carpet in color red by the time we got a break for the lunch.

My colleague and also a very close friend decided to take matter in her hands and I swallowed anti-histamine in the middle of the day. The whole class was tired of counting numbers of times I was sneezing.

After an hour, I was numb. Numb and dumb under the effect of medicine. Eyes were shutting off and I was given tea which was close to sugar syrup than to caffeine. I survived.

I am not sure what we did in the training but I remember one thing, I slept off like never before for close to an hour after coming back home. It was almost 8 when Mr.ISB reached home.

My nose never leaked and I never sneezed that night.

The conclusion is one word called 'Allergy'. Allergy to something unknown.

Today I went to the same place and as soon as I entered in the building  I started sneezing. One tablet and I am hearty now.

Dear Unknown allergy, kindly do not come back.

January 7, 2015

Near the window panel

It is already 'the' new year. 2015. A year which might bring new changes in my professional life. Hopefully. Ah, the cup of awesome tea at work always makes me positive. Just as it did a few minutes before.

I sit near the window panel (wall) of the tower which my company owns. The same place where my favorite boss used to sit and stare outside. From here he climbed, rather jumped the corporate ladder in an another firm with lots of challenges to be faced. Brave. I know now, when a person stares out of the window panel. When he/she is waiting eagerly for the right opportunity to launch your professional growth exponentially. May be. It feels good to be here, near the window panel.

I can see little creatures outside. Big construction site. A concrete jungle on the horizon. Tiny vehicles, some vegetable vendors and many bored people drinking tinier cups of tea at the 'Tapari'. Life, which is not made up of sweat. Made up of mental turmoils and blood.

The mail pops up in my inbox and I refuse to check it. This time has been assigned only for blogging, I have decided. Yes, in my office we do get some hours/minutes where our global partners do not prefer to be on call and India stake holders are done with us. I love these moments, where I can do things I want to. Only if my boss/bosses (who knows) refuse to acknowledge my presence and relaxed moments I am enjoying.

I have a small group of people around me in the office who plays a major role in my life to get over stresses. We are almost in the same boat. One kid ( who is elder to me by a few months) who has some child like expression if at all he resurfaces them on his face, another two elder personalities who are behind me to not to care too much about office and the one who is floating in between places hunting for potentially brides. 3 guys, 1 girl. Typically me. Needless to say, I am the youngest one. Wow.

We all sit near by the panels, rarely chat with each other when glued to our sits. Rarely separated from each other when in the campus but not on desks. We share some common interest - Food, tea, laughing and travelling. May be these guys keep me calm when I am out of mind. Actually they divert my mind to some laughter attacks I get into within a few minutes I talk to them.

Near the window panel there is nothing stationary. People keep on moving as we don't have assigned desks. The feel  of having your own desk and knowing other's desks is missing here.A pen mug, a coffee mug, some files, some photo frames, some post aid - missing. Oh, we have developed the sense which alerts us where the people 'worth not seeing' sit with the help of our guts and some habits. There is something really not right about such surroundings but I love the window panel.

It gives the room to dive into thoughts. About wishes, about lives, about dreams, about plans. There is a sort of ambiguity in the life on the other side of window gives me. I know I do not want to be the part of those concrete jungles, how greens are missing from our lives. I only want to see the road which goes straight to my home.

When I see, I imagine the home at the end of the sight. Near the window panel.

January 1, 2015

The boring New Year Post!

Note: This post was partially written on 1st Jan and completed today on 2nd Jan,2014, hopefully.

The milk was old and it ruined my tea by converting itself into cottage cheese with the spicy tea water. It also shows how my mood would have gone bonkers just before leaving for office. Yes, in India many many companies do not have a holiday on 1st Jan. Note, I was working on 31st Dec too.

After reaching office and settling down with no work to do, as I handle exports we ganged up to go to the near by 'Tapari' where the most comforting tea is made. 2 cutting cups of the tea and my mood settled to go back to the normal curve. Life.

I bet it was not a good sign that the milk got spoiled. Not in terms of my upcoming new year but the kind of carelessness I flaunted after coming back from home town. Well, some days are lazy.

With the new job, the (new) husband, a series of new bosses, a new city and a new home made my this year quite dynamic but that does not mean my 2015 would be any different. I want everything new except the husband. Talk about ambitions.

In other talks, I am ageing faster than ever. I hate the Facebook wall which only shows marriages and cheesy dialogues with some mindless stuff floating over. I hate to wish every one in my world for that single day- the birthday. The only thing left is to get detached completely from Face Book which is delayed temporarily due to some hidden reasons.

I am facing one question in a very rough fashion. Resolutions. No, I am not having any. I have understood in 26 years on this earth that if I want to test my will power, I can certainly do it at any time frame of the year. I should not wait for 1st January to start with it.

I have stopped being pissed off 24 hours a day and rather I spent only about an hour in hating my non-value-added 'important' work profile. I have reached the saturation point. I look forward to other interesting high points in  my life.

Yoga, walking, Kindle, cooking and career can be key words hovering in my mind. Nothing sort of resolutions I am going to take, as I have already started working on many of them.

Ah, Any way if you are reading this you are lucky as you are one of those few people who managed to get my new year wish! :D Talk about mood!

"Happy New Year"! :)

December 29, 2014

This and that, again

Last some days have been ultra fast paced for me. A short trip to Ahmedabad to attend a cousin's wedding at the same venue where we got married! I must say, for the first time I actually observed decoration, food and other stuff. Wait, I have so many things to write and I am in no mood to structure this blog post. Let me shoot bullet points.

  • Zero oil Undhiyu with I-dont-know-what-all-vegetables was prepared and packed for Mr.ISB by mom. We all love it. Not only Undhiyu, my family is famous for making 'Methi Chimed' which is nearly 'Methi pak' with lots of 'Vasanas' in the super freezing winter, so a pack specially for me and my youngest (and spoiled by my own parents as their very first daughter) Masi. My dad also found some ghost place in a village near Ahmedabad where a guy sells 'Ubatiyu' which is basically roasted whole vegetables with some spices in an earthen pot on coal stove. Some people do feel it is close to Undhiyu but believe me the coal roasted vegetables have different kind of Aroma! I do feel bad for my Gujarat friends and Mr.ISB who are far away from some super healthy traditional Gujarati food.
  • I miss my real 'fai' who passed away a few days before my wedding. She was one of the finest cook I could ever met after my paternal grandmother. She was the person who kept the tradition of preparing 'Methi Chimed' alive which her (and now mine) maiden family had created ages ago. Of course my mom is the one who is keeping it alive now and looking at the love for the dish I might learn as well. Amen.
  • I missed tea made by me in Ahmedabad. I miss it in Mumbai as well. Not to boast my not at all developed culinary skills but I like the tea prepared by me, that is it. None of my moms or fathers make the tea which can give me a kick. Yeah , the guy near my office once offered me a cup of cutting tea without any cost when I refused to accompany my friends for the tea -break. I loved it to death. No exaggeration. 
  • My mom gifted a beautiful pair of Swarovski crystal earrings and pendant. Actually, it is a Diwali gift which had to be altered according to the diameter of the pierced holes in my ears. I love the pair and I am trying to check out the calendar how soon I can flaunt them. 
  • After four days of laughter attacks without any pause at Ahmedabad ( I had 2 masis and 1 mama to manage while they crack atom bombs of jokes), my throat is confused about how to talk. The winter has made it even worst. The good point is my throat is not even hurting and still making me a silent observer in the office. 
  • Pune has become so cold that I want to bury myself under 15 blankets and sleep for hours. 
  • My kindle has become the best friend since the day it arrived. Period. I am reading books on world war 2 on war footing. 
  • I had thought once I would cross 25, my acne would vanish magically. Every one used to tell me the same story till 2013. Nothing is magical, guys. I still have teenage acne. Really.
  • My sister (in law) is in Spain with her friends enjoying the most awaited trip of her life, sending me photos of beautiful European coastal houses and kitchens. I feel she is living 'Under the Tuscan Sun' for some reasons. May be I love the book.
How was your weekend? :) 

December 21, 2014

Friendship at the fence.

Two kids. Boys. In the age when they start building opinions but yet to face brutality of the world. A Jew and  a German. Divided by a fence but not actually. United by their friendship.

Curiosity and loneliness are same. Situations are different. One is tortured victim of the concentration camps. The other is having all the luxuries of life but friends. One has fat cells and muscles, another is loosing all of them. One is the subject for the Fury, another is from the family who is serving the Fury. They share their lives and thoughts about everything around them.

Right from Berlin and Poland to family members. From disappearing family friends from one side of the fence to family members who are suppose to obey orders of the Fury who decides about lives on the other side of the fence. Apart from thoughts and feelings the German kid passes pieces of cakes and breads to the Jew kid. 

Life was not too bad till the day when they decided to be on the miserable side of the fence.

Both without hair on the head.Both are of same age. Both in Striped Pajamas. Both full of humanity and opinions. Both unknown to the ugly end. Both trying to find some one in the camp. Both were forced to march in the room with other people with striped pajamas by soldiers. 

The friendship and humanity dies together after they hear the closing door and a click of some moving mechanism. 


PS: It is impossible to not to write about this book. The boy in the striped Pajama.

December 20, 2014

Kindled Up

It happened again. Just like my first iPhone which my dad gifted, was a result of my deep research as an upcoming smart phone buyer which lasted for more than six months. People ( Dad) lost patience and gifted me this phone. It happened one more time. The device and the person are different this time. 

Since weeks I wanted the kindle Paper white. Reasons were many. My burning eyes, my inability to read even three pages on iPad together unlike my track record of completing 300 pages book at one go and some budget constraints due to other big expenses. Then a cousin of mine planned for India trip and so I started drawing the plan of getting an e-reader from USA. I started getting confused regarding warranty and taxes amazon would ask me to pay. My already pissed of job life created blisters as well for the same subject at home. Frustration just grows exponentially when I can not read, for days together.

Then the mobile pinged when I was busy discussing about the same at office. Mr.ISB messaged not to worry further as he has ordered one Kindle, exactly the same I wanted. My eyes popped out and the mind danced in the virtual library. Today.... I got the joy in my hands! 

I spent some twenty minutes in registering Kindle with some cups of freshly brewed spicy tea. The steam coming out of the cup filled my soul with sweet-spicy aroma which let me travel the Tuscan country. Yes, I was reading "Under the Tuscan Sun" and enjoying my 'Life' in Olives and Wines. I am yet to finish the book but I suppose I am going to become the fan of Italian food - Olive oil, Sauteed bell peppers, caramelized onions, tasty baby tomatoes and Ricotta. 

There is a sense of brilliant satisfaction in spending the whole day reading the book which rested in your pending reading list since months.

As now my next-favorite-book is being planned, I am feeling loved - By books. 

Totally Kindled- up :)