April 23, 2014

B for Bride? No, Bridezilla!

So after the A for Allergy, of course Bride comes into my mind for the second alphabet!

Ms. Bubblegum, the bride is going through some severe mood swings which is truly describes as 'The bride has its own brain' phenomena.I am amazed at ways I look at things.

I forget about enjoying the story or even the heroes of the movie. I check out outfits and ornaments heroines wear in all movies I watch. I conveniently forget about some interesting dialogues. So very unlike me.

Fashion magazines and cosmetics catch my vision more than some mythological thrillers which I love to the core.

I keep on reading each and every article related to fitness, make up and easy tips to get ready for the big fat Indian wedding!

Of course the nonstop cribbing while checking never ending shopping list continues but when the actual shopping session begins yours truly enjoys splashing money as well!

When some asks about the yearly plan of my career, I become numb for a while. It is almost impossible to plan for any damn thing in my life beyond the Wedding day! Life seems blank!

Every particle of dust and each untidy sheets in the bachelor house irritates me but I keep calm as my mind is prepared to move out soon.I am going to have my own Home!!

Furniture shops and deals of cook wares grab my attention more than Spa and beauty saloons!

Cooking does not scare me, it is not that I daily cook but I have started enjoying cooking more than ever.

Everything around gets bifurcated in two worlds- Married and Unmarried. Yes, pretty much everything and every one.

People asking for your new surname/ caste and religion to check if it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage get the answer of their lives. Yes, the young lady, yours truly, gets rebellious without any reason.

No wonder, very soon my friends will be able to see a virtual grumpy and hyper monkey in me which every one calls a 'Bride Zilla'!

B is for Bride? No, the Bridezilla!

April 22, 2014

A for Allergy!

Yes, I might teach that title (A for Allergy!)to all kids around me. I am sensitive to some one billion (Okay, a joke?) things in this world. In a different way, I am allergic to many many things ( Micro things if it makes sense?) and also to some behaviors you see!

One of the very first things my mom dad taught me, was to tell or raise a flag that I am allergic to Sulpha content in the medicine, if I end up getting treatment under a doctor,a health care person or in a hospital without them. The allergy for me was discovered when I was a toddler and I had developed some serious skin rashes due to medicines which had Sulpha. So from that very day, the single goal of all doctors in my family to teach me how a kid aka the tiny Bubblegum should be aware of the fact.

Then one day while enjoying helping my grand mother and mom, we came to know that I am allergic to 'Bhaji' or leafs of 'Radish'! Wow and for a person like me, who as a kid, used to hate radish more than any one else in this world, it was the awesome gift of God! Really. Needless to say, for years I used to raise the topic whenever I went to buy vegetables with my dad and mom!No to radish officially!

Later in my teens, I developed allergy towards all girly things in my life. Of course it came into the picture after the end of my Bharatnatyam tenure and 355 days. Ten days of Navartri were exceptions. This allergy was developed due to the psychology of yours truly which included allergy towards girly talks as well. The result was a college going girl who had a soul of a school going tom boyish girl in reality.

The college days got over and the real allergies (Not the psychological ones) started troubling me again resulting in migraines. It included the smell of boiling oil, harsh sun light and music on loud speakers. I started getting attached and detached to some of my good friends and they shifted into 'Allergic' category as well in the same era. (No they don't know this.) This phase also includes development of anti-allergic virtues towards some girly things like lip balms, Kajals and well, sarees.

If I take a time jump and fall into present mode, I am allergic to some random pollen in Pune. If I want to avoid sneezing for some 25 times in the morning and other 25 in the evening I have to take anti allergic pills regularly. Needless to say, it helps me in avoiding migraine mission of my life too.

Talking about psychological allergies I am suffering from today, I am allergic to people who dont respect the person they are talking to. Mobile manners to a rule book to be a  good flat-mate, if not followed, I can develop severe allergic symptoms.

Don't you think, life is all about allergies and how do we manage? Well it was a rubbish line, enough to make me allergic to my own thoughts!

April 21, 2014

Birthday and all that Jazz!

I am really really late for the birthday post! Yeah, I am growing! I did not get time to blog at all and since so many days , so many things going on that it is really tough to sum up and blog! Today, I decided to blog, just out of the blue. Ah, to remove those blues and fill the life with pinks! Blogging is therapeutic!

So my birthday came - zip zap zoom and so Mr.ISB happened to reach Pune exactly on the same day! I think I do not remember any other thing apart from his coming and the awesome chocolate cake by flatmates. Of course they had written my name "Drama Queen" on the cake, how would they not do it!! Over all a happy happy birthday ended with a great 'Candle light' ( Yes, darling, I went to candle light dinner!) with Mr.Would be groom. Yeah, the birthday included some harassing gifts and surprises by some friends of mine!

With the birthday came up a reminder of my wedding day which is coming closer day by day. Preparations are geared up at both homes. From four cities two cities are heating up with enthusiasm and tension. Other two cities are busy wrapping up professional chorus before the leave. Yeah, later two cities give shelters to the bride and the groom.

Honestly I am excited but more than that I am pissed off. Pissed of for not being able to wrap up preparations before the day from Pune. More than that setting up a new 'Home' is something I am looking forward to but there are no plans available due to uncertainties we are facing.

The grown up feeling keeps on hitting the heart and it beats way faster just to realize, I still can snatch that Strawberry Yogurt or Panipuri, Chocolate bar or a jar of dried berries as fast as I used to in my childhood. I still feel like jumping on those puffed mattresses in hotel, which used to be a usual practice of us- siblings wherever we stayed, in vacations. Some personalities can be staunch , isn't it?

To distract myself , I have decided to take up a challenge! A challenge to write on topics starting from A to Z, every day each! Just like her!

So wish me luck? Gaps in characters should not be allowed, right?

April 11, 2014

Some one just graduated!

Dear buddy for life/Shana/Mr.ISB,

This blog was suppose to be posted on the eve of your graduation last week. Well, I did not waste a moment to get on the laptop and post it as I was totally into the celebration with you.I am really not sure if this letter/blog post would reach to you even today, I am sure I will definitely get rid of those ants buzzing with pride for you from my body. Weird imagination , that is what your Bubblegum is!

The year it was. Exactly on this day, last year, you were sending gifts for my birthday along with packing bags and managing books/certificates, tickets and what not. How scared I was to get into a situation where two of us would hardly take time to talk due to our hectic schedules and different time zones. The moment you left for Hyderabad, things started to mess up, just to settle. If you know what I mean.

The tenure at Indian School Of Business started with that football match of yours which I hated. Why not? I wanted to talk about how my dear friends celebrated my birthday and how I loved your gifts, you were just attending those matches. The Indian School Of Business competed with me, almost 24 hours a day, virtually with me in those days, just to get you talk to me. Crazy and immature I was. I am sure, I rarely cling on to you, but in those days, things were in a big mess. I was counting months, one by one, thinking I would celebrate the day, ISB will be over for you. (I am feeling sad as ISB is an integral part of my life too!)

Things changed when I came back to India. I was with my family and your family on phone. I could meet my own people. I missed my Singapore friends, but over all it was a nice change. I started understanding under how much pressure you are studying. I started getting introduced to your friends. Of course personal life settled once again. I forgot that for first three months I had struggled to even talk to you.

I am so proud that you could win competitions, you could excel in studies. You could be with me when I needed. You were a support no matter how busy you were. You took the decision of marrying me in a year's time. Hundreds of people thought I was lucky to have you, who is studying in such an institute. I think I am happy to have you, degree really does not matter. It was your commitment, hard work and of course feelings for me which brought us today, where we are standing- waiting for our wedding day.

I am so proud that, even after being in a relationship ( not even married!) you could manage to study so hard and graduate from your dream B-School. I am so proud.Not every one dares to work on dreams!

Now that with a new phase in your personal life, you are entering into a new professional world, I would suggest you to continue your go-with-the-flow attitude.The best thing about you! I am sure some times me and some times work will stress you up, but hey none of us will be too bad.


Rest of the things, manage on your own with your newly developed MBA skills! ;-)


March 26, 2014

Weird wedding blues

Declaimer: This post is only for girls from mechanical background who remains tom boyish under all her girlie behavior. Only such girls can understand my blues.

I have spent some essential years of my teen and post teen years with guys. Not a gang of guys, the whole class 89 boys of mechanical engineering.Being the only girl, I would have become super girlie and attention sicker but God had different plans. Unlike what my mom wanted I became the only-male-t-shirts and six- pocket-pants girl of the college. No grooming, no outings made me definitely a stud without any gender bias. The only girlie things I put on every day were a pair of tiny ear rings and the dupatta to cover my face which saved me from the scorching sun of Ahmedabad.

Years later, from all those guys I was in touch with many of them. I am still trying to be that tom boyish girl of the same college but I have become some what 70% more girlish than what I was. Look wise. Behavior wise I some times show 50% increase in girlish side of mine. I hear now-married or soon-to-be-married guys blues.

Now that I understand boys mentality due to my past, I also understand how stupid they are and yet the most practical souls on this earth, who carries no emotional baggage or at least don't show the same. As I am always the girl who hears most of sensible yet non sense stuff her guy friends talk about, I am experiencing weird kind of blues.

I feel bad for Mr.ISB, who is busy enjoying his very last bachelor days as he is getting married to me soon.

Yes, you heard it right. I feel guilty about it. I feel bad about it, just like guys who feel the groom is caged after the wedding. I am really not sure if Mr. ISB feels so or even what should I do to not to make him feel so. Today, I want to tease him for his last days of bachelorhood and then the forever punishment of spending rest of the life with a girl. Oh I want to add, I feel bad when some one tells him that he is the next 'Shahid'!

People laugh at these blues of mine, where I am in to a win win situation from an angle and also a guilty for the same.

Wedding blues are into different shades for me! God bless!

March 25, 2014

I have got wings!

Yes, my constant cribbing about exertion due to walks through rough patches from home room- office - gym every day is no more in existence. I have got my wings! An Activa-i. A very first proud possession!

Life has become simpler. Morning gym sessions create energy for the pre-lunch office discussions and every one is noting me smiling through out the day. I can roam around on my own, I can purchase whatever I want and without fear safely with all energy I can reach my room back in the evening or night.

Smiles are already on my face while planning for a home trip, a trip to The Indian School Of Business to meet Mr. ISB and witness him getting graduating, along with my imaginary convocation as a life partner of the over busy ISB student. Of course the joy of resolving what-should-I-wear-in-functions problems of my wedding is a reason to be blamed for my over smiling face as well.

Touch wood. With wings, things are settling. Nervousness hovering but they all make pre-wedding months beautiful.


March 20, 2014

Dreams of my wedding Or Wedding of my dreams!

Disclaimer: Too pinky - girlie post out there!

When people used to say, all girls have dreams, wishes and hopes for their weddings! I used to laugh at them shamelessly , as I was one of those girls,who when disclosed the news of 'getting some one' on a big social platform like Facebook and What'sapp, 60% of people refused to believe. All of them thought I am playing some serious kind of a prank. Forget about dreaming about my own wedding, I used to get bugged up by talks of preparations, weeks before.

The reality stuck on me last weekend,when I visited home.Even when it was for those three days. Parents and cousins were so super excited about it. When they involved me in details like making Rangolis every day, painting traditional designs on the wall, choreography , DJ, traditional songs selection and what not - I was numb with joy. Honestly, I was thrilled. I never knew it can be so much of fun. Then the shopping sessions started and after a few hours I was bored enough - Yeah I can not tolerate unending shopping sprees- I love decisive and sweeter ones!

Today when again my mom and other masis called me while buying gifts for guests,they asked for my views (being the only artistic member in the family!) the wedding arrow stuck me hard. I realized I have views and some were imaginary ones which will always be illusions. Well, we call them dreams.

Then subjects like photography, costumes, my parent's attires throughout all functions came one by one apart from serious meetings in the office. First time I felt the emotion of joy and excitement for my own wedding over powered my dedication towards boring meetings! Everything occurred in my eyes - I was dreaming.

A dream of looking gorgeous , a dream of glowing with joy, a dream of seeing our parents enjoying one of the biggest functions my family will ever witness, a dream of fulfilling all my ideas about the W-day, a dream of getting crisp -brilliant shots, a dream of getting a cute coffee table books, a dream of getting super dark mehendi, a dream of performing funky duet song, a dream of watching cousins and friends performing their hearts out, a dream of seeing our parents dancing on duet songs!

Feeling those butterflies when every one out there will notice gestures, postures and grace. Even tears and

The joy which can feel you drenched, only once in your life! I agree with all those aunties who warned me years ago. Ah, Those dreams which almost all girls paint in their fantasy lands!

I recalled, " Sapne dekho, Zarur dekho, bas usey pure honeki ummeedey mat rakho!"

May be it can make me come back to sanity, reality.