May 2, 2016

Z is for Zonkified

I could not believe my eyes when in Online Urban Dictionary I found this word! Check here and hover over words- Funny and New English Actually!

By Definition the meaning is 'Totally Messed Up' and you know now why I'writing about it. Messing up any situation is actually not my way, I do mess up with my own mind but I do not generally mess up with situations. Oh well, they do mess up with me. (If the whole explanation has kept you sane, move ahead!)

I've hundred of things to do which are absolutely mandatory. It would cost me a bomb if I'd miss any of them. That is how I have been feeling Zonkified.

Applying for my visa, oh well the list of documents even for a tourist visa is putting me under stress because I do not have many days and some embassies decided to not to work!

Going to Ahmedabad and make a plan to save myself from 45 degrees there.Coming back to Ahmedabad without any sickness.

Wrapping up office stuff and mentoring my subordinate to do my work for two weeks. If everything goes well, my vacation would shape up. Ah well, Booking tickets for Norway. (Yes, planning for a Norway vacation guys!) *Keeping my fingers crossed~*

That reminds me I have to shop a little before I shop there like crazy in case I go to Denmark :D

I'm not really good at investing money hence when my Dad-In-Law being a CA himself  is managing my portfolio. I should at least sign on all the forms now! The useless Daughter-in-Law is being Daughter-Out-Law now!

I need Visa!!! Mercy, Danish Embassy!

Oh the title should have been 'Zapped'!

April 29, 2016

Y for Yearnings

My blog is full of them as I am a person with extreme sentiments. Either I have yearnings and cravings or I would be turned off to the extend of totally feeling number about things. I tried to change myself and I still do but at the end of the day I'm at peace when I am full of expressions as well as emotions which again is a result of those yearnings and dislikes close to detachments.

Nonetheless when it came to 'Y', I could think of this word only after rejecting 'Y for Yogurt' (Strawberry specifically) and 'Y for Yesterday' because of the boring explanations I had about them. Anyway, talking about Yearnings!

  • I want a day off. Surprisingly in the office and not from the office even when reaching office is more like hiking due to the scorching heat in Mumbai.I love my work and have a lot many assignments to finish off but there are ideas floating on which I need to focus without any disturbance. May be my office cafeteria would like to welcome an early morning visitor. 
  • I want a day off from the domestic stuff. Mainly because I am exhausted and not because I do not enjoy the work. Domestic stuff actually clears my mind off. Chatting with others while working or just getting things sorted out brings joy to me but then it is my body which gives up. I really do not know how people manage to take time off for their own health by working out, by sleeping eight full hours or postponing the cleaning session of those dirty kitchens. I respect them A LOT. People like me can not stand an elderly person working in front of me or a dirty kitchen unattended,a table suffering under a dusty coat- hence we suffer. 
  • I yearn for a few hours alone in my room which I conveniently get since two three days after dinner. If I do not come to my room and lye down reading a book- my body does not support me. My mind gets messier by next morning with only six hours of sleep which is really not enough for me. 
  • I wish to dance every single day and I have been failing to do it. Dance is like meditation for me and I can observe myself loosing the ability to start doing it, forget about having the stamina to do it. Though this is a conscious decision taken due to the No Maid-No Cook situation at home.  I wish they come back or I kind of sort out the situation by being super independent super woman. 
  • I yearn to have salads,fruits, sprouts and smoothies all the time. Very bad that I ever really have them.I'm already horrible in taking meals on time. Now my diet is full of carbs and over cooked Sabjis. I do try to get a fruit dish every single day in the office but my veggie intake is close to half than what I should ideally be taking.
  • Planning for a vacation in June and this time I want to really do a solo day trip to someplace in between the vacation. A day trip because in future I am totally planning to spend my time in Singapore as a tourist. Alone. For four-five days, nothing less. Of course I want Mr.ISB to join in for a few days afterwords! 
  • Sarees. One cotton, One Silk.I so wish to buy. I do not have any functions to wear but I want to buy. This sort of yearnings are better not entertained. Please koi shadi kar lo!
  • An off shoulder dress I really wish to have because I can not flaunt my flabby arms or fatty legs :D I have awesome shoulders. 
If you are still reading these yearnings of mine which anyway appear on this blog every now and then, in different forms or shapes -Hats off to you!


April 28, 2016

X is for Xerox

While reading my messages on his 'whatsapp' one of my colleagues (Call him V) who is one of the victims of leg pulling session we had a day back, jumped from his seat across the table. We all stared him for a while.Then he turned to me and asked,

V: Yeh kab hua?! (When did this happened)
 *Clueless I was about things he was talking about*

He showed my display thumbnail which was a childhood (rather a-new-born-baby-hood) of mine with my mom.I screamed at the top of my voice..

Me: "That is not me, that is my mom!"

He was shocked and opened the photo and not the thumbnail.Started laughing,

V: I thought the baby would be some one else's kid and I wanted to make fun of you being a mother of some toddler. But dude, You are the XEROX copy of your mom! 

Me:    :- ) 

Mom, you would not read this ever but whenever I see myself in the mirror I remember 'you' when I was a kid. Nothing in the world is as lovely as finding you in my own self.

Only when I throw a fit looking at the mess, I kind of question the DNA gifted by you!


W is for What's Up

So I decided to cheat a bit (if there is something like that) and grab this opportunity to catch up about life!

  • I have been reading a Turkish Author - Elif's novel and I must say I am pretty impressed by the style of writing. 'Rules of Love', do not go by the title.It is one of those classic versions of not at all good 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari'! I hope I would finish it by this weekend. 
  • I've started taking time to pamper my body and which only includes 'not walking to the station and back in the hot and humid morning of Mumbai'. I generally get a drop by my dad-in-law in the morning and hire a cab in the evening. I must say this has helped me after I was stressed up juggling with office work, workout and home stuff thanks to the vacation being enjoyed by our house helpers! 
  • I have been having two table spoons of Flax Seed Powder. I'm not sure if it would help my hair,skin and sleep over all but it is definitely tasty!
  • Planning to make smoothies this weekend. Any suggestions? 
  • My work out session has reduced to fifteen minutes but I'm trying to clean house, clean up the kitchen and do the dusting- drying up clothes etc as well. I hope it adds up to something.
  • I have been struggling to get seven hours of sleep and then suffer drowsy eyes (Also the mind) for the whole day. I've increased my tea intake to half a cup but it counts. 'Not doing anything interesting' is not my thing and so when I go to my room before sleeping - I watch an episode of an old classic serial 'Byomkesh Bakshi' or get into the book. Once I start doing somethings I compromise my sleep as irrespective of the time I sleep, I get up by 6.30am.How am I suppose to finish eight hours of sleep?
  • I've been trying to keep my Sundays relaxed but in the end plan something out. This might not change EVER.
I guess,I need to more interesting stuff now.Nothing much to say! What's up with you guys?

April 27, 2016

V is for Vacation

Have you heard about House rules? What about Vacation Rules? In fact I do have, but I try not to chase them but fit in while planning for one. Once you start with it, things must flow and so should the enjoyment!

  • Vacations should occur exactly when you need a break. Now this one is mostly not possible but sometimes people do magic for you!
  • Vacations for me are less of the luxury and more of exploring the place. Guess what, I love AirBnB because of the reason.Cheaper on our pocket too!
  • Local food should be included for more than two three times in the itinerary if you have a planned one. Vegetarians need to do a bit of searching but now a days being 'Vegan' is in Vogue and at least one or two places would be there in the place you are. I've also been a big fan of small grocery shops - similar to 7*11. One would always get local fruit flavored Yogurt, fruits and breads.
  • History and stories around, are essential for me when on vacation. They make you know the city, you are visiting a little better. The psychology of the city always has the roots in them. I regret a lot about my trip to Europe in the childhood, which happened first and my interest for world war two grew later.
  • There should be two vacations in a year.One should be a long one depending on our own comfort. Another one-may be a gateway type. Two vacations keep me sane. A little bit less insane - would put it that way.
  • Road trips. Some day I want to go by road, in our own car or a rented one and explore things which can not be discovered while sitting in a train or a bus or even a cab. I do not know driving and so pestering others do drive for me is not good. Hence, I have to learn driving.Period.
  • I love clicking photos and if I do not get pissed off by people pestering me to shoot them, I do a good job or atleast try to do so. Bulky SLRs are a big problem but then it is one of the trade offs you make in a vacation. Some vacations need a camera and some would do with a phone camera.
  • A vacation should cover maximum of three cities and not more if, it is two weeks long. I do not want to touch and leave ten cities in ten days. That is not how globe trotters travel!

Do you like vacations? What kind of a vacation do you love?

April 26, 2016

U for Unmanned

One of the reasons I love India is availability of manpower here. You get your Laundry wala, you get your cook, you get your maid,you get some one to deep clean your house. If you earn you can very well burn your money to get things done. Though several parts of India are now feeling the gap between the demand and the supply. The segment who used to do the needful stuff are either educated enough to do more brainy work or simply do not want to work while enjoying different perks under quotas available. And so slowly but surely, big cities are moving towards Do-Your-Own stuff.

We have been suffering the aftershock of suddenly loosing our maid and the cook together for no-idea-how-many-months. Generally I manage like we used to in Singapore or while living alone in different cities of India. Now blame it on the hectic schedule or a new household with five people living under one roof and each one of us having career to manage. Yes,mummy becomes the first victim as she would generally manage the maid and cook department but now when none are available- three females of the family struggle! Okay I do not count mummy in the active member but then it happens that she has to go to a lot of things because me and my SIL would have office to tackle.

Mornings are the most stressful.Making Dal-Sabji-Roti-Salad along with breakfast and then preparing tiffin for two. Having tea and the hot breakfast, taking bath and getting ready. Things are not easy even when we are three people to cook (Help from Mr.ISB is a dream as of now) After cooking, replacement maid comes to clean the house but she does half of the things and washing clothes in the machine along with drying them up is left anyway for us. Today in the morning when I was rushing to the office after all the work done, sweating hard I realized how we have become slaves of the outside help.

I have lived in Singapore and we four girls had managed to cook,clean and laugh.In Pune some how thanks to Mr.ISB's help used to save my evenings and my Singapore habits did not make me go insane or exhausted every single time. Of course managing a family is no easy deal from any stretch of my imagination but the joy of being extra independent is something I'm missing.More over I have seen my mother,masis, buas, MIL and other females cribbing about the sudden vacations by maids -to some extent I've become the same. Even when maids come, co-coordinating our schedules with theirs become too stressful,many reschedule their plans just to avail there services or get under the panic mode if they cannot.

Days are not too far when we would be equipped with mops and vacuum cleaners every week, cleaning laundry on our own, drying them up, ironing them all. With each passing day I feel,I'm spoiling myself and later on would not be able to manage if things would fall on my shoulders.

And so I've decided to slowly do my own stuff.

1.In future buy a small vacuum cleaner to clean curtains, get rid of dust particles from all possible surfaces, book shelves in a breeze. My allergy can be controlled as well if I really use it.
2.Drying up and folding clothes on my own.
3.Asking every single person of the house to undergo a small cleaning drive every day for ten minutes.I'm sure, no one would mind cleaning their own home for ten minutes.
4.Washing bathrooms/toilets every day on my own. So many kids are not habitual of seeing this work as an important thing to do for hygiene. I'm sure my kid/kids/others'kids would learn something while watching me cleaning washrooms.
5.Discarding all the old and waste stuff which never got used. No things, no maintenance.
6. Like I have been doing since days, cleaning each glass and gadget furniture with a glass cleaner in the morning. This every day habit would not let me be totally dependent on maids.
7. Try to cook for five people once in a while.
8. Washing utensils and making them squeaky clean faster than average time taken by others ,comes to me naturally. I would maintain the habit.
9. I won't go mad chasing above goals.

Some times I envy people in US of A/Singapore. Doing their own stuff smartly, as a family with a weekly help.Life can be too independent!

April 25, 2016

T for Tea-mate

I have developed a very weird  extreme taste for tea and it is liked tolerated by not many people. Specially the people with very sensitive health . My mother and my brother hate tea of my taste because both are not at all comfortable with the amount of spice it has. So its only dad who loves /enjoys tea made by me with yours truly singing 'Tujhko Mirchi Lagi To Mein Kya Karoo' for the rest of my family in Ahmedabad.

After wedding it is my Dad-in-law who loves spicy tea with a lot of ginger, a pinch of cinnamon, very little sugar and green tea leaves if available. My Sister-In-Law and Mother-in-Law, both have delicate stomachs which creates acidity and hence daily it becomes a tussle between both parties on which kind of tea to make-Spicy or super dull with only a pinch of brown color.

I generally don't make my type of the tea when guests are home,true to the Bhav of Atithi Devo Bhava as I do not like silent curses given after two hours of the tea-drinking session.  :D

Yesterday I got a shocker. When my Dad-in-Law's eldest sister came home.She is almost of my Grandmother's age, may be younger by 5-6 years and not more.The super cheerful, strong willed and well read lady she is, was suppose to have tea-snacks at home. I always get nervous when I talk about food or cook food for her as she is the Tarla Dalal of our family (like my own grandmother again!) and my MIL very well knows this.It was quite a shocker when my MIL asked me to make tea for her - that too my type! Her exact words were 'Make tea of your taste, exact. Do not compromise with the taste.'My Dad-in-law also agreed silently.

Now, I was nervous and confused. She is old and after 70 people rarely like extreme tastes.Nonetheless I managed to make super spicy tea- Full of Masala which I procured all the way from my hometown-exactly from the firm who is specialized in herbs, spices and pulses since decades. (This masala is not for faint-hearts. It has dry ginger, pepper, Shankhpushpi, Mulethi, Tulsi and Lavang. Very very little amount of the mixture is needed for making tea in comparison with other mixes we get in the market)

I was mentally prepared to add some milk and sugar in the tea as I knew how Kadak  chai it was. To my utter dismay, she loved it.

She loved it! The Sakshat Annapurna of my family loved the tea. My types of the tea!

Overjoyed I was, I am. It is an understatement.

I guess, she is by far the oldest tea-mate I have got.